Time-out Tuesday

Due to the country’s ailing economy, many people are working more hours for less pay. In addition, the workplace atmosphere can be tense and laced with uncertainty. With corporate cutbacks the norm, it is easy to feel pressured to perform. Now weekends are routinely sacrificed to ensure stellar performance at the workplace.

But sometimes you should say “no” to productivity and “yes” to procrastination. (Note that today is Wednesday, not "time-out" Tuesday.) During this time-out, I introduce to you my 8-year-old dog, Freddy. He is a corgie and basset hound mix which makes him a Corset. In some circles, he is known as a Baggie, although this is rare due to trademark infringement.

Corsets are known to be alert and confrontational. In fact, this gopher tortoise was shaking in his shell after a 2-minute showdown with fierce Freddy. Hats off to the attentive Corset breed, for all could have been lost to the subversive gopher tortoise.

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kia @
09:06PM on June 04, 2011
Fierce Freddie now has another formidable foe. A family of four Florida fluffy foxes.
Tobias Franoszek @
10:03PM on March 18, 2010
So does this Facebook connect really work on your site? Let's find out.
Trish @
01:50PM on March 09, 2010
First the tortise-then over to my house to confront a hare!! Freddy's other favorite thing to do!
Demetrice @
03:03PM on February 20, 2010
Freddy is a cutie pie. I've never heard of a Corgie. Gonna do some research to see what a pure breed looks like.
M. @
10:39PM on February 17, 2010
You got a really cool site going here!
tobias @
01:31AM on February 02, 2010
Somehow I always new that corsets would be confrontational. I must be psychic!
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