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This past Friday night I took my boat to Cape Canaveral to watch what may have been our last night Shuttle launch.  It was spectacular. The full moon rose about an hour before the launch and the night was clear and bright. But not nearly as bright as the Shuttle launch! As the sky lit up, I thought about all the work and money behind these missions as well as the courage and trust of the crew strapped to that blazing missile. Although my (website) launch is minor in comparison to a NASA project, I recognize the large amount of work that takes place behind the scene (and screen). began 3 years ago and is designed to demystify the construction contracting process so that you can make sound contracting decisions.

Far too often we hear about people getting “ripped off” by CONtractors. Sometimes the CONtractor disappears with your deposit. Other times the work is faulty. At worse case, jobsite injuries and mechanic’s liens land the homeowner in court with devastating financial consequences.

At we take the complex and make it simple.

Whether it is a small home repair, a remodel or the construction of a new house, the contracting processes and laws are basically the same. We talk about:

  • Scope of Work: these should be concise and inclusive.
  • Licensing: the difference between the various types such as occupational licenses and professional licenses.
  • Insurance: the various kinds and what they cover.
  • Proposals and Contracts: what they include and how they differ.
  • Permitting and Inspections: who is looking at what and why.
  • Lien Law: a complex topic that can result in an owner "paying twice” or, worse, being forced to sell their house. (This is easily avoided through “proper payments"-we tell you how.)

This, and more, is explained at so that you become an informed consumer, or “sophisticated owner” as it is called in the industry.

And with this knowledge your project is more likely to be done correctly, on time, and on budget while avoiding legal disputes that may cost you a lot of money.

So join us as we explore what goes on behind the scenes of a construction project. is packed with insider information about the industry as well as tips on what to look for in a potential contractor. We’ll make sure you avoid the “con” in construction!

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Pokey Joe @
07:02PM on February 27, 2009
You must be close to Nasa were getting things off the ground continues to be put back.
Steve Watkins @
03:36AM on December 22, 2008
What an AWESOME site! Incredible! I love it!
kim @
08:27PM on December 02, 2008
Way to go Kia! You're an intelligent, hard-working female in a male-dominated field of work. I admire the way you are trying to expose the cons in construction who are out to take advantage of the public.
Chelsea @
07:27PM on December 02, 2008
Hi Kia, This is wonderful! I love everything about it especially that you have found a way to represent women in contracting! Your hat inspires me! You are a true artist and brilliantly beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing! Chelsea
Tobias @
02:35AM on November 20, 2008
I can't believe this! Finally. But I knew you would get this right. What a cool website. Congratulations.
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