Art Helps Make a House a Home

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Art Basel/Miami 2010

Building a house is a process that's fraught with challenging decisions. From contractors to cabinetry, your choices define the finished house. Because your home is a reflection of you, good design decisions require that you know yourself:  Are you an edgy urbanite or country cool?

Artwork can be to a home what jewelry often is to fashion: the showpiece that ties your design together. But choosing art for your house is not an easy task. A good first step in the selection process is to visit museums, galleries, and art fairs. This will not only make you an educated consumer, it will also help you define what kind of art you want to bring into your home.

One stop you might want to make on your tour of the art world is Art Basel in Miami. With over 250 of the world's leading galleries exhibiting, it's one of the most important art events in the United States. Taking place in early December each year, Art Basel has grown to include numerous other art fairs, such as Art Miami, Pulse, and Score. The occasion has morphed into the place to see and be seen, with the requisite parties and celebrity sightings. So whether you go for the art or the parties (or both), you're sure to get an eyeful.

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t. @
01:17AM on December 12, 2010
Art Basel was great this year. I also really liked Scope and Art Miami. Both have really evolved over the last few years. Miami used be a cultural wasteland and now every early December it is the US art capital. Sweet.
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