Forecasting The Unknown

Like all professionals who are asked to predict future events, meteorologists bear a heavy burden because their forecasts effect people's safety and wellbeing.  At the 2014 National Hurricane Conference and the Florida Governor's Hurricane Conference, Dr. Rick Knabb of the National Hurricane Center (NHC) addressed the shortcomings of forecasting. For example, "seasonal" ... More »

FLASH 2013- Mitigation in motion

Since man's early existence, shelter has provided protection and comfort which in turn has prolonged survival. Today, in addition to providing shelter, homeownership has become a symbol of independence and success. Consequently, care is given to maintain and preserve it.In addition to basic upkeep, some people improve their home in more substantial ways. Mitigation is ... More »

Credential Confidential -Understanding Government's Requirements for Contractors

"If you think professionals are expensive, try hiring an amateur”- Red Adair

Sometimes a few words say a lot, and the quote above hits it on the head when it comes to construction. Construction is notorious for cost overruns and delays. From incomplete blueprints to unqualified contractors, the reasons for these shortcomings are many.  To improve your odds of ... More »

Hurricane Hustlers and How To Spot Them

Although the lights are out in the Northeast, you don’t want to be in the dark when it comes to hiring contractors for needed repairs. Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters bring with them an influx of unlicensed and uninsured practitioners. And while they practice, you’ll likely find yourself losing money and patience. But worse yet, unqualified contractors may do ... More »

Keeping Up With Elevation Issues

In construction, while large loaders shape the ground underfoot and tall cranes fly supplies overhead, it is easy to be swept away by the massiveness of it all.  Even a modest project, let’s say the construction of a house, is an impressive collaboration of man and machine.

But sometimes the most crucial undertakings go unnoticed. For example, the important work ... More »

The Contractor's License-An important credential that should be in place for renovations, repairs, and new construction

Many states use licensing as a means to regulate an activity, particularly one that requires a high level of skill and is deemed dangerous when performed incorrectly. Professionals are often licensed because unqualified practitioners can cause harm. A state may require the licensing of professionals in law, finance, real estate, construction, and other occupations.

... More »

Contractor Insurance-Avoiding loss when you remodel, repair, or build a new home

Risk is an uncertainty you assume everyday and sometimes it can result in loss. Insurance is a resource that protects you against major financial loss because the risk of loss is transferred to the insurance company. In exchange for a small fee (the premium), you are likely protected against potentially large losses.

In construction, insurance is essential not only to ... More »

Finding Your Initial Contractor Candidates When You Build a House or Remodel or Repair an Existing One

Have you ever wondered why some building projects come off without a hitch while others drag on, draining your energy and funds? The outcome often depends on whether you hired a tip-top team of good contractors or a ragtag team of ne’er-do-wells.

Qualified contractors are essential to the success of any building project. Whether you hire a general contractor or work ... More »
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