Hurricane Matthew rebuilding

Your Home As A Patient-Rebuilding after a storm

I’m frequently asked how to handle rebuilding after a storm-especially when there is a shortfall of competent contractors. The answer? Stabilize and then repair correctly. After a storm, there is an influx of scam artist who steal deposit money and do shoddy work.  Consequently, you are well served to follow these guidelines:

  1. Review your property damage ... More »

Clarity and Collaboration-The keys to a successful scope

When it comes to construction, people often have to make important decisions without the tools to do so. They may have watched HGTV or read articles at Houzz, Fine Homebuilding, or This Old House, but these entities address “construction,” when “contracting” is really the essential issue at hand. Contracting can broadly be described as the” business of construction”. Did you ... More »

Burned Once, Burned Twice-How to avoid rip-off after a house fire.

Home is where your heart is, and rebuilding after a fire is a heartbreaking undertaking-especially if you are cheated by a scam artist. To help ensure contractor competency, you should verify a contractor’s qualifications. Government required professional licenses and insurance is a must-have. To verify a contractor's compliancy with the law, do this:

1. Determine if the ... More »

Hardening Your Home Pays Off

“Mitigation” can generally be defined as “lessening the severity of something” and “construction mitigation” refers to actions that reduce the risk to property from hazards. The good news is that the cost of protecting your property can now be shared by your insurer.For example, under Florida law, property insurers are required to offer Florida homeowners discounts for ... More »

Forecasting The Unknown

Like all professionals who are asked to predict future events, meteorologists bear a heavy burden because their forecasts effect people's safety and wellbeing.  At the 2014 National Hurricane Conference and the Florida Governor's Hurricane Conference, Dr. Rick Knabb of the National Hurricane Center (NHC) addressed the shortcomings of forecasting. For example, "seasonal" ... More »

FLASH 2013- Mitigation in motion

Since man's early existence, shelter has provided protection and comfort which in turn has prolonged survival. Today, in addition to providing shelter, homeownership has become a symbol of independence and success. Consequently, care is given to maintain and preserve it.In addition to basic upkeep, some people improve their home in more substantial ways. Mitigation is ... More »

Credential Confidential -Understanding Government's Requirements for Contractors

"If you think professionals are expensive, try hiring an amateur”- Red Adair

Sometimes a few words say a lot, and the quote above hits it on the head when it comes to construction. Construction is notorious for cost overruns and delays. From incomplete blueprints to unqualified contractors, the reasons for these shortcomings are many.  To improve your odds of ... More »

Keeping Up With Elevation Issues

In construction, while large loaders shape the ground underfoot and tall cranes fly supplies overhead, it is easy to be swept away by the massiveness of it all.  Even a modest project, let's say the construction of a house, is an impressive collaboration of man and machine.

But sometimes the most crucial undertakings go unnoticed. For example, the important work ... More »
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